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Top Tips

  • Fab friends. Want ways to know if your friends really care, tips for meeting new people, and more? Check out our info on friendships.
  • Tackling the talk. If you've been thinking about sex, a heart-to-heart with mom and dad is smart. And a sit-down with your partner is a must. Plus, read why — and how — to wait to have sex.
  • Fight the flu! Avoid coughing, sneezing, and feeling awful all over. Catch our info on the flu and ways to stay well.
  • Get your brave on. From cliques to cyberbullying, we can help you handle bullying and learn to stop if you've been bullying others.

Health Events for October

  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month: October 1–31
  • National Bullying Prevention Month: October 1–31
  • Mental Illness Awareness Week: October 6–October 10
  • Walk to School Day: October 8
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