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Top Tips

  • Every body’s beautiful! Are you worried about being beach-ready? Remember that every body is totally unique and great in some way! Read all about body image and what girls think about theirs.
  • Independence days. If you have an illness or disability, you can learn ways to take care of your health on your own. Check out our tips for becoming independent independent (on July 4 and every day)!
  • Soak up some info on water. Before diving into summer, learn about water pollution and smart ways to protect yourself from it.
  • Can you hear me now? Concerts, fireworks, and lawnmowers can all blast your hearing. Learn how to protect your ears.
  • Sunny days. Slather on sunscreen to help prevent skin cancer and other damage from tanning.

Health Events for July

  • Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month: July 1-31
  • World Hepatitis Day: July 28
  • International Day of Friendship: July 30
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