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Stop being a bully tool (text-only version)

A parent talking to her teen girl.
  1. Recognize and admit that you are a bully, and that your actions are hurting people. Take this quiz to find out which of your actions are bullying actions.  
  2. Talk to an adult that you trust. Talk to an adult or school counselor to learn how to ditch your bullying ways. Don’t worry about getting into trouble – adults will be proud of you for wanting to change your ways.
  3. Look within yourself. Find better ways to deal with anger and be happy such as keeping physically active, getting involved in extracurricular activities, developing positive friendships, and talking with an adult.
  4. Form healthy relationships. Form positive relationships with people your age, as well as adults. Learn about having healthy relationships.
  5. Put yourself in their shoes. How do you think being bullied would make you feel? Try to understand how your actions make them feel.
  6. Make a change! Change your actions and be friendly to others.


Content last reviewed April 15, 2014
Page last updated October 31, 2013