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Girls' feelings for parents

A girl with her parents.The teen years can be a pretty tough time for girls — and for their families! Your child's mood may seem to switch from one minute to the next. She may be stressed by changes in her body, at school, and in her social life. Even her brain is going through some changes that may stress her out.

Are you wondering if your girl's experiences are normal? Could she have a mental health problem? can help you understand what to expect as well as many of the mental health issues that teens may face. These can include depression, cutting, and eating disorders, all of which can be very scary. But you can do a lot to support your girl's mental health — and you can help her create a strong, bright future.

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Girl power

From textbooks to text messages and from friends to fashion, a girl may be overwhelmed by all that's going on in her life. You can help her feel able to handle the changes and challenges she's facing. And you can help her build healthy habits that can last her whole life.

Encourage a girl to express her feelings in positive ways like writing and talking. She can also find tips for building self-esteem, handling anger, coping with stress, and more in our Your feelings section.

Parent power

Want to boost a child's mental health? One great way is to make sure you're working on yours. If you can better handle any stress or emotional issues you face, you'll be more available to support your girl. And you will be a great role model for how to lead a healthy, happy life.

Your best bet for boosting a child's mental health is to share your love. Much of how children feel about themselves is based on how their parents or caregivers react to them. Make sure your girl knows how great you think she is and how much you really care.


Content last reviewed January 07, 2015
Page last updated February 11, 2015