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Body Basics

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January 2011

Body Basics

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African American mother and daughter.Pimples, budding breasts, feelings of attraction — the physical changes of the teen and pre-teen years can be tough on a girl. And being a parent or caregiver isn’t simple, either! Learn how to help girls take care of their great, growing bodies in the updated Parents and Caregivers “Body” section of You can read about:

  • Ways to encourage healthy habits
  • Tips for talking about sex and relationships
  • Dealing with period problems
  • Helping girls handle puberty
  • When girls should see a gynecologist
  • Hot topics, like sleep, backpacks, earbuds, makeup, and more!

Tell girls how much you care about their health. Of course, no parent or caregiver handles every issue well every time. Keep in mind that you can always raise a tough topic again later. Above all, remember that your support is helping a girl become a strong woman who knows how to take care of her body and her future.

Did you know?

About 1 out of 3 teens say parents most influence their decisions about sex. Learn how to get the conversation started — and keep it going.


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