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Changes to your breasts


It’s natural for girls to wonder about their breasts: Are they too big? Too small? If they’re large, they may get you unwanted attention. If they’re small, you may worry that they’ll never grow. The important thing to keep in mind is that every woman is different in the shape and size of her breasts. Your breasts don’t need to look like your friend’s breasts or a magazine model’s breasts. The world would be boring if everyone looked the same!

It is also important to know that it is very common for your two breasts to be different sizes, especially as you first start developing. Other people can’t tell that your breasts are different sizes. You may be tempted to buy products to “fix” this. Well, vitamins, herbal teas, and creams  — even exercises —  will not change the size of one or both of your breasts.

What about lumps and other changes?

Throughout puberty, you will experience changes in your breasts. When they first start to grow, they may feel a little itchy or achy. During your period, they may feel a little tender or sore. Most of the changes your breasts will go through are normal. Let your doctor know if you find a lump or have a pain that you are not sure about. But keep in mind that even though lumps are common in young women, it is very rare for the lumps to be cancer.

Should I wear a bra?

Wearing a bra can help support and protect your breasts. If you find that exercise is not as comfortable, try wearing a sports bra with a snug fit for support. Are you having a hard time finding a bra that fits well? Often, you can get help in a department store or special bra store. There are certain steps people there can use for measuring your body to get a good fit.


Content last reviewed October 13, 2010
Page last updated October 31, 2013

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office on Women's Health.