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We like to shine the spotlight on girls from across the country who are doing amazing things! Read their interviews to learn more.

Trisha Prabhu

Computers, smartphones, tablets, and social media — they can all be great. But what happens when someone uses their phone to send mean text messages or post an embarrassing picture of someone else? These are examples of cyberbullying, and it's never OK.

In 2013, Trisha Prabhu heard about an 11-year-old girl who committed suicide because she was being cyberbullied. Heartbroken, Trisha decided to use her computer skills to do something positive that could help stop cyberbullying. At 13, Trisha created ReThink. It's a free app that recognizes when users type messages that could be hurtful. When the app detects a hurtful message, it asks the user to reconsider sending the message. Pretty amazing, right? Read how Trisha is working to prevent cyberbullying before it starts and how you can make better decisions when you're online.




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Content last reviewed June 8, 2016
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